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Welcome to Congregation Bayt Shalom

Congregation Bayt Shalom is a small flourishing congregation serving eastern North Carolina. We are the only synagogue in the area with a full-time rabbi and serve all Jews in the community. Many of our congregants have come to Greenville, NC because of East Carolina University, Vidant Medical Center or other career opportunity.

Congregation Bayt Shalom is a place where everyone is welcome; a place for the old and a place for the young; a place for singles and also couples; a place where people can pray and can study; a place where people can talk to G-d and a place where people can talk with each other; a place to share our joy and happiness and a soothing place of comfort and support; a place to be inspired, to move to action as well as to help the needy. It is a place to happily celebrate the pride of our Jewish Lives and a place to stand together against anti-Semitism.

Congregation Bayt Shalom is a multi-generational and multi-ethnic community. We are Jews by birth and Jews by choice, married and single, interfaith families, LGBT and straight, raised Reform, Conservative, Orthodox or other affiliations. We invite you to join us at a Shabbat service or one of our many events. You will come away feeling warm, engaged and spiritually connected. This is the environment to share the most meaningful moments in life, whether joyous or sad, with others or through introspection. Guided by our Jewish tradition, let's share life's journey together!

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2017-2018 (Jewish Year 5778) Membership Packet

2016-2017 (Jewish Year 5777) Membership Packet (Microsoft Word files)*:

*These are the same forms we used last year so they may have a different year on listed in places: please do not worry about this).